Marjan Jones

Dr Jones began treating tongue ties in adults and older children with laser surgery in the late 1990s. Her introduction to infants came later in 2012, when at the insistence of a desperate breastfeeding mother she performed her first infant frenectomy, thereby saving the first of many breastfeeding relationships. The experience she has gained and the protocols she and her team have developed after treating several thousand infants form a key part of the education programs of the TTI. Her protocol is based on the vital importance of treatment being focused on the patient, dyad and family rather than merely an isolated organ or segment of the mouth. As such the approach has ensured optimum outcomes in allowing gaining competencies for oral function across the life-span.


Dan Hanson

Dr Hanson ceased general dental practice in 2011 when his involvement in TMJ treatments and early interceptive orthodontics became a great passion. Having suffered from severe breathing dysfunction and TMJ dysfunction for many years (prior to treatment), Dr Dan knows firsthand the great benefits of preventative healthcare. He has lectured internationally on the subjects of breathing dysfunction and soft tissue dysfunction since 2011, mostly while teaching dentists about the Myobrace System, and breathing dysfunction. Since beginning work with Dr Marjan in 2015, Dr Dan has treated over 300 infants between the clinics at Enhance Dentistry in Brisbane, and Heal Dental Care on the Gold Coast. He has added his extensive knowledge of soft tissue and breathing dysfunction to some of the already established protocols, and in particular has assisted with the creation of protocols for “Pre-habilitation” and “Re-habiliation” for children and adults. He is a qualified Buteyko Breathing educator registered with the BIBH.


Anton Jones

Anton Jones, along with Dr Marjan Jones opened Enhance Dentistry in 2010 in Park Rd Milton QLD Australia. After a career in telecommunications and corporate public relations and with experience in executive coaching and management consultancy, Anton sought to focus his energies on a venture more aligned with his purpose to be of service to humanity. Enhance Dentistry had begun as a project combining Marjan’s clinical expertise with Anton’s business and management acumen, but the rapid growth of the tongue tie clinic provided both Anton and Marjan with the opportunity to focus more of their energy on their goal of engaging in endeavours that bring quality to the lives of the patients and families that Enhance provides for. In collaboration with a dynamic team, Anton has been responsible for many of the practice management elements of the establishment of the Enhance Tongue Tie Clinic. He oversees the operational elements of Enhance Dentistry and the Tongue Tie Institute.